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Campus Update 2016

Over the course of the spring and fall semesters of 2016 (calendar year), WSCUC Steering Committee Chair, Nate Monroe, updated campus stakeholders on the campus' re-affirmation of accreditation activities.

Through a series of meetings, and as guided by this handout, Nate shared

  • The timeline and possible outcomes for our reaffirmation
  • An overview of the content of the Institutional Report
  • Major findings from the campus' Review under the WSCUC Standards
  • Opportunities for involvement
  • Next steps in keeping with the campus timeline

A list of the meetings, organized by meeting date, follows. If you would like Nate to meet with your group, please contact Laura Martin, the campus Accreditation Liason Officer.

Meeting Date
School of Engineering Executive Committee 2/9/2016
School of Natural Sciences Executive Committee   2/9/2016
SSHA Executive Committee   2/10/2016
Merritt Writing Program   2/12/2016
ASCUM   2/17/2016
Student Affairs Directors   2/23/2016
Divisional Council of the Academic Senate   3/7/2016
Staff Assembly   3/18/2016
Graduate Group Chairs   3/29/2016
Graduate Student Association   4/4/2016
Dean's Council   4/5/2016
Library Staff   4/28/2016
Chancellor's Extended Cabinet   9/21/2016
Leadership Council   9/22/2016


Last updated 9/25/2016