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2021 Interim Report Committee

In spring 2019, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Gregg Camfield asked the Periodic Review Oversight Committee (PROC) to over see the preparation of the Interim Report due to WSCUC on November 1, 2021.

To faclitate the campus's preparation for and ultimately preparation of the Interim Report, PROC established a small subcommitte. The subcommittee generated products for review and feedback by the PROC membership over the course of this project. It also kept PROC apprised of the campus's progress through updates provided at the start and conclusion of each semester. To complete its work, the subcommittee collaborated with relevant campus stakeholders.

At the time the Interim Report was submitted to WSCUC, the membershp of the subcommittee was as follows:

  • Senior Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, James Zimmerman1

  • Interim Vice Provost and Dean for Graduate Education, Chris Kello

  • Executive Director, Space Strategies and Real Estate, Margaret Saunders2

  • Director, Academic Planning and Assessment Support Center, and PROC Analyst, Kerry Clifford

  • Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer, Laura Martin

1Designee for the Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education, who is a PROC member

2Replaced the Vice Chancellor for Physical Operations, Planning and Development, and Chief Operating Officer, Mike McLeod, who served on the committee until his retirement at the conclusion of July 2021.