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The Candidacy Review is fundamentally a compliance review in which an institution demonstrates that it meets the expectations for accreditation at a minimum level. It does this by:

  1. Demonstrating that it has reviewed itself with reference to the Standards of Accreditation, including attention to each Criterion for Review and Guideline.
  2. Demonstrating that it meets all or nearly all of the Criteria for Review and Guidelines at least at a minimum level.
  3. Demonstrating that it meets all or nearly all of the Standards of Accreditation at a minimum level.
  4. Having a clear and feasible plan in place to meet all the Standards and Criteria for Review at a substantial level by the time of the Initial Accreditation Review.
  5. Having developed approaches to self-examination and to ensuring quality in its teaching and learning functions.

Like the review for Initial Accreditation, the Candidacy Review involves a Capacity and Preparatory Review followed by an Educational Effectiveness Review.  The Candidacy and Initial Accreditation reviews differ in the level at what the Standards must be met. The Candidacy Review requires a minimum level of achievement, Initial Accreditation a substantial level. The review for Initial Accreditation also moves beyond a mere compliance review; evidence of the institution’s capacity for deep engagement with significant issues is considered, including issues related to the institution’s educational effectiveness. (How to Become Accredited, WASC, 2011)

Capacity and Preparatory Review Documents

UC Merced CPR Report

Educational Effectiveness Review Documents

UC Merced EER Report
UC Merced Supplement to the Educational Effectiveness Review Report