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Exhibit for Standard 3

Standard 3: Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Assure Sustainability

Standards 3.1-3.4: Faculty and Staff

Standard 3.1: Sufficient Professional Personnel to Maintain Operations/Support Academic Programs

Standard 3.2: Sufficient Faculty to Achieve Educational Objectives

Standard 3.3: Faculty and Staff Policies Aligned with Institutional Purposes

Standard 3.4: Appropriate Faculty Development Activities

Standards 3.5-3.7: Fiscal, Physical and Information Resources

Standard 3.5: Fiscal and Physical Resources Aligned with Institutional Purposes

Standard 3.6: Sufficient Information Resources

Standard 3.7 Information Technology in Support of Learning

Standards 3.8-3.11: Organizational Structures and Decision-Making Processes

Standard 3.8: Clear Organizational Structures/Decision-making Processes

  • Senior Management Group: Organization Charts - see 1.3-1
  • Chancellor's Cabinet - see 4.1-1
  • Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation (CAPRA) - see 4.2-1

Standard 3.9: Independent Governing Board - Board of Regents

Standard 3.10: Full-time Chief Executive and Qualified Administrators

  • 3.10-1 Chancellor's Brief Biography and CV
  • Brief Biographies and CV's of Senior Administration - see 1.3-2
  • Student Affairs Organization Chart - see 2.13-5
  • Staffing in Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis - see 4.5

Standard 3.11: Faculty Exercise of Effective Academic Leadership