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2021 Interim Report

In its 2018 Action Letter reaffirming UC Merced’s accreditation, the WSCUC Commission asked UC Merced to submit an Interim Report on November 1, 2021.

The report, which describes UC Merced's progress in several important areas is provided below, together with evidentiary appendices.

In terms of next steps, a panel of representatives from the WSCUC Interim Report Committee will review the report and conduct a videoconference with UC Merced leadership. The panel’s conclusions will be shared with the campus in a letter outlining next steps. The review should be complete by mid-semester spring 2022.   

Interim Report Committee

In spring 2019, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Camfield asked the Periodic Review Oversight Committee to oversee the development of UC Merced's Interim Report on behalf of the campus.

Information about the committee’s approach to completing the report is available here.