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Initial Accreditation

The Steering Committee that guided UC Merced's Initial Accreditation effort appears below. 

WASC Steering Committee for Initial Accreditation

Gregg Camfield

Professor of Literature (Chair)


Keith Alley

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (retired)


Susan Amussen

Chair, Undergraduate Council


Danielle Armedilla

Undergraduate representative


Elizabeth Boretz

Director, Student Advising and Learning Center


Karen Dunn-Haley

Accreditation Coordinator for Substantive Change


Ariel Escobar

Professor of Engineering


Laurie Herbrand



Thomas Hothem

Lecturer representative


Anne Kelley

Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Natural Sciences


Arnold D. Kim

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Laura Martin

WASC Coordinator


Robert Ochsner

Director, Center for Research on Teaching Excellence


Emily Reed

Graduate Student representative


Will Shadish

Vice Chair, Graduate Research Council


Nancy Tanaka

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs


Samuel Traina

Vice Chancellor, Research and Graduate Dean


Jack Vevea

Interim Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Last updated January 22, 2013.