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Educational Effectiveness Review

The primary purpose of the Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) is to “invite sustained engagement by the institution on the extent to which it fulfills its educational objectives.” (WASC Handbook of Accreditation, p.34)

Specifically, the EER examines:

  1. Institutional efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs, with special attention to the institution’s program review process;

  2. Institutional practices for evaluating student learning and to develop and share good practices for using educational results to improve the process of teaching and learning;

  3. The alignment of institutional resources with activities designed to achieve the institution’s educational objectives.

UC Merced’s Educational Effectiveness Review Report was submitted on December 14, 2010.  The associated site visit took place on March 8-10, 2011.

In its Action Letter, the Commission granted UC Merced Initial Accreditation for a period of seven years, the maximum period possible.  An Interim Report, describing UC Merced’s progress since the EER, is due March 1, 2014.

UC Merced’s Educational Effectiveness Review Report

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Last Updated January 22, 2013