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Stipulated Policies

Appendix I: WASC Candidacy Documentation List


Commitment to academic freedom Academic Personnel Manual 010 Standard 1.4-1
Due process protection in search of truth Faculty/students Standard 1.4-2
Due process/grievance for faculty, staff and students Faculty:
See also Protection of Whistle Blower APM 190 Standard 1.4-2
Staff appointees:
See also Whistleblowers Protection Policy for Staff Standard 1.4-5, 1.4-6, 1.4-7
Part VII, Student Handbook Standard 1.4-4
Policies/requirements/ expectations for employees Academic appointees: Academic Personnel Manual
See also Faculty Code of Conduct APM 015
See also Faculty Conduct and Discipline APM 016
Staff Appointees:
UCOP At Your Service
UC HR Policies
Staff Personnel Policies
Non-discrimination policies Non-Discrimination and Diversity Policies Standards 1.5-1, 1.5-2
See also Non-Discrimination in Employment
Conflict of interest policies, relations with business, industry, et al. UC conflict of interest policies: Business/Finance Bulletin G-39
UC Guidelines of University Industry-Relations
See also University of California Policies and Guidelines Pertaining to Research
Regents conflict of interest policy
(see policy and the 2 attachments - all one document)
Agree to abide by WASC policies Commitment to Accreditation Standard 1.9


Human subjects, use of animals reviewed through cooperative agreement with Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL)
Human subjects LLNL Human Subject Policy Standard 1.7-5
Use of animals LLNL Vertebrate Animals Care and Use website
Patent Policy UC Patent Policy and Patent Acknowledgment
Revenue Sharing for Patent Income
Classified Research Exception for Classified Research
Cooperative research with industry Guidelines on University-Industry Relations


Accurate printed information 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog Standard 1.7-1
Publication showing status of faculty 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog, pp. 117-120
Transfer student policies 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog Standard 2.14-1
On-line guidance for transfer student preparation Standard 2.14-2
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Standard 2.14-3
Undergraduate Council New Program Review Guidelines Standard 4.4-1
Coordinating Committee on Graduate Affairs Handbook Standard 4.4-2
Policies, procedures for addition, deletion of programs Systemwide process for discontinuance of a graduate degree program
UCM Senate policies on program discontinuation Interim Policy
Readmission of disqualified student 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog, p. 42
Clearly stated degree requirements 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog Standards 2.2-1, 2.2-2, 2.2-3, 2.2-4



Personnel policies for teaching assistants (TA's) Academic Personnel Manual 410
See also Collective Bargaining Agreement
Policies to integrate part-time faculty Part-time faculty receive all university e-mail announcements, invitations to participate in campus training such as that for sexual harassment, et al.
Faculty personnel policies/procedures Academic Personnel Manual Standard 2.8-1
Faculty salaries and benefits Academic salary scales
Faculty benefits
UC Academic Personnel Manual - Benefits and Privileges
UC Faculty Handbook - Faculty Benefits
Policies on privacy/access to information Faculty/Academic Appointees: Academic Personnel Manual 160
UC Personnel Policy for Staff - Privacy and Access to Information/Staff Personnel Records
Collective Bargaining Units for Academic Instruction Units for Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and Librarians


Collection development/ weeding/bases to accept gifts Library Report Standard 2.3-9


Admission, retention Undergraduate: Standard 2.3-1
Graduate: Standard 3.3-2
Admission for international students Undergraduate: 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog, p. 31
Graduate 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog, p. 81
Student rights, responsibilities Interim Student Handbook Standard 1.7-2
Student due process, grievances Student Handbook Part VII Standard 1.4-4
Published policies/procedures for inappropriate conduct Student Handbook
Chapter VII, Chapter VIII, Alcohol and Drug Policy, Student Housing Policies Standard 1.7-2
Fee refund policy 2005-06 UC Merced Catalog Standard 1.7-4


Budget development

Financial Management - UCOP Policy
PDF document available
See UC Business Policies
Cash management Update on Review of Systemwide Cashiering Controls
Code of ethics on buying, bidding, and purchase orders Bidding: See UC Facilities Manual
Soliciting Bids - Facilities
Competitive Bidding
Contracts and Grants Manual - Buying
UC Purchasing Policies - General
Purchase Orders
Accounting Manual - Disbursements and Purchase Orders
Audit Procedures - Internal Controls
Risk management and liability UC Enterprise Risk Management
UC Risk Policies and Programs
Fundraising Fundraising Inventory of Policies and Delegations
Regents Policy on Fund Raising Campaigns - Delegations (1994)
1993 Regents Policy on Fundraising Campaigns
Administrative Guidelines for Support Groups


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