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Exhibit For Standard One

Standard 1:Institutional Purposes and Educational Objectives

Standards 1.1-1.3: Institutional Purposes

Standard 1.1: Clear Purposes and Operational Practices

Standard 1.2: Educational Objectives Consistent with Purposes

Standard 1.3 Institutional Leadership

Standards 1.4-1.9: Integrity

Standard 1.4: Commitment to Academic Freedom

Standard 1.5: Commitment to Diversity

Standard 1.6: Appropriate Autonomy

1.6 Regents' Policies on Non-interference

Standard 1.7: Published Information and Policies

Standard 1.8: Sound Business Policies and Practices

Additional Exhibit
  • Grievance Procedures: see 1.4-2, 1.4-3, 1.4-4, 1.4-5

Standard 1.9: Open Communication with Accrediting Commission