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Exhibit for Standard 4

Creating an Organization Committed to Learning and Improvement

Standards 4.1-4.3: Strategic Thinking and Planning

Standard 4.1: Multiple Constituencies Engaged in Institutional Planning

Standard 4.2: Planning Processes Align Academic, Personnel, Fiscal, Physical, Technological Needs with Priorities

Standard 4.3: Planning Informed by Appropriate Data

  • Decision-support/reporting database - see 4.5

Standards 4.4-4.8: Commitment to Learning and Improvement

Standard 4.4: Quality Assurance Processes

Standard 4.5: Institutional Research Capacity

Standard 4.6: Culture of Evidence and Improvement

Standard 4.7: Inquiry into Processes of Teaching and Learning

  • Director, Teaching and Learning Center - see 3.4-2

Standard 4.8: Stakeholders Involved in Assessment

  • Program Review - see 2.7-1
  • Service Learning Assessment - see 4.4-4