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Policy Checklist


Institutional Integrity

Policies/requirements/expectations of employees

Staff appointees

Non-discrimination policies

Conflict of interest policies, relations with business, industry, et al.


Use of Animals

Patent policy

Classified Research

Cooperative research with industry

Educational Programs

Publication showing status of faculty

UCM Senate policies on program discontinuation

Readmission of disqualified student


Personnel policies for teaching assistants (TA's)

Policies to integrate part-time faculty

  • Part-time faculty receive all university e-mail announcements, invitations to participate in campus training such as that for sexual harassment, et al.

Faculty salaries and benefits

Policies on privacy/access to information

Collective Bargaining Units for Academic Instruction


Admission for International Students


Budget development

Cash Management

Code of ethics on buying, bidding and purchase orders

Risk management and liability



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